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Mission Statement

At Arizona New Image, it is our mission, to provide our Clientele with quality construction, at up-to-date, fair market prices, on time, and in budget.

We have built a strong foundation of various clientele, in order to form our long-term, grounded corporation, which is known for its quality construction, customer satisfaction, and its repeat business relationships.

About the Company

Arizona New Image Contractors, LLC, is owned and operated by Tim Spradley.  Tim has 33 years of hands-on construction experience, and has designed a construction company with the philosophy of delivering quality construction, at fair-market prices, on time and in budget.  We have Arizona’s KB1Dual License, Commercial and Residential Contracting, ROC# 239066.  AZ New Image focuses on commercial contracting, ground- up buildings, tenant improvements, and shell build-outs.  We also focus on residential custom home building, kitchen and bathroom remodels, and residential insurance restoration.  We are a small construction company with a strong foundation and a proven track record of quality work and client satisfaction.


We understand that trust, dependability, and communication are most important in a contractor/client relationship.  AZ New Image was designed with the sole priority of putting our client first and foremost, in every situation, every time.  We seek to generate customer satisfaction and repeat business relationships.  Our clients can rely on us to serve on their behalf, ethically, and responsibly.  We have the experience to guide home, and small business owners through the construction process, and can make even the most inexperienced client feel comfortable.  Whether the client is a Fortune 500 corporation, or a family owned, local business, clients want the same thing:  a construction company like AZ New Image, that they can trust to deliver quality and value.  Clients who work with us for one project, return to AZ New Image, for all of their future construction needs.


We appreciate your interest in AZ New Image Contractors LLC.  If you want a construction company with a track record of quality, integrity and trust, please contact us at:  480-338-0872.  We look forward to beginning a business relationship with you.

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